“Serbis” is Philippines’ Answer to “Slumdog Millionaire”!!!

serbisLast February 5, I received an email from Direk Brillante Mendoza. He forwarded to me the Rotten Tomatoes’ critic reviews of his highly acclaimed movie, “Serbis”. I immediately asked him if I could publish this in my blog which he responded immediately. And pardon moi Direk Brillante if I was only able to put it here in my blog due to my very tight sched last week.

Anyway, I’m so jovial with what Ken williams of News Blaze tagged “Serbis”: The Filipino answer to “Slumdog Millionaire”!!! That’s wow! Congrats to Direk Brillante and to the whole staff & crew for making us so proud of this achievement. As of this writing, it has an 87% Tomatometer at Rottentomatoes.com

Check what the other critics say about this movie here.

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