Madonna & Cyndi Lauper: Just A Few Seats Apart

weirdosRemember my previous post about Madonna and Cyndi Lauper at Lady Gaga’s concert? Well, someone took a photo of the VIP balcony where these two divas were seated.  And it’s unbelievable that both did not even bother for a photo together!!! Aren’t they too old for being snobs??? Yes, that’s Madonna’s daughter Lourdes in neon legging and behind her is Madge. If a photo of these 80’s rivals together was so hard to get, what more for a music collaboration??? I love them both. And I’m sure a lot of fans would like to see them together or do something together before they turn as grandmothers of pop and by that time, Lady Gaga’s daughter takes on the stage. Really hoping for that day not to come…

(Source of the pic)