The Poet & The Boy

BOY poster art.jpg

Is “Boy” the answer to Thailand’s coming-of-age movie, “Love of Siam” or a homage to “Trick” movie?


From the maker of “Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros” (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros), Auraeus Solito comes back with a more daring, erotic film about a  young poet (played by Aieous Asin) who would do anything from selling his priced collection of comics and superhero figures to buy one night with a boy macho dancer named Aries (played by Aries Pena) and  introduced as “18 years old, complete set of teeth, dick 7.5 inches” .  The movie is banned in Singapore for its explicit “sexual gay contents” but is currently making rave, mixed reviews in the United States of A.


In an interview, director Auraeus (above pic in green shirt) revealed that he really used real life people to portray the characters in the movie. The young poet played by Aieous Asin (above pic, shirtless) is a Creative Writing Major at UP (University of the Philippines) while the boy macho dancer played by Aries Pena is a real macho dancer (pictured below).

Seattle International Film Festival

Written by Jimmy Flores (my previous colleague in the copywriting department of an ad agency in Manila and writer of another award-winning movie, “Tuli” [Circumcision]) and Arturo Calo, “Boy” tackles “another story” of Manila male strip clubs mixed with coming-of-age teenage plot & sexuality.  

If you are in SF, Philly & LAareas, here’s your chance of witnessing this movie so please cumcome and support this movie:

  • Los Angeles: July 17 (Fri) @ 9:30pm
  • Philadelphia: July 10 (Fri) @ 9:30pm & July 11 (Sat) @ 12:30pm
  • San Francisco: June 19 (Fri) @ 9:30 pm & June 27 (Sat) @ 4:15pm
  • Hope the movie will also make it for this year’s BangCOCKok International Film Festival so I can see for myself if a prized collection of superhero comics & figures is worth trading for a “Boy”. . .

     More pics of Aieous here