Is That Elijah Wood?


From the famous Frodo Baggins role in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, is Elijah Wood (right photo) taking the Mad Hatter role (left photo) from the latest film version of “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton? Take another closer look of the next pic with another photo of Elijah. . .


Picture perfect! But unfortunately, the pic on the left side is not Elijah hence the Mad Hatter role will not be played by him but instead by another famous “chameleon” actor, Johnny Depp. Uhuhmmm. That’s Johnny “21 Jumpstreet” Depp which resembles Elijah’s face in this make-up & costume.

Speaking of Johnny, he just recently tipped a very GENEROUS  AMOUNT to waiter in a Chicago restaurant.  How much? Just a “few stags” of dollar bills amounting to FOUR THOUSAND!!! That’s right. And how we wish we were that waiter. Aside from the money, we would be able to “service” Johnny Depp for one night, right? Read the full story here.