More BoY For You

aries2As promised, here are two more frame grabs of Aries Pena (the one above and the other one below) taken from the actual film of Auraeus Solito’s, “BoY” who will have a screening at Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, US of A today (27 June 2009) at 4:15 pm.

Here’s what Michael Fox of Frameline 33 has to say about this latest offering of Solito: “Solito suggests that it’s more than physical attraction, or even the irresistible allure of “the other,” that binds the duo. Aries and the boy easily transcend economic and educational barriers to make a powerful connection. The filmmaker takes care to show, through scenes between the boy and his mother and Aries and his father, that the youths are decent, solid guys connected to their families and mainstream society. Instead of the tormented, guilt-stricken or self-destructive teens that populate many queer movies, this deeply satisfying film gives us self-aware lads destined to grow into self-assured men. From nuanced sociopolitical commentary to a lengthy, lovely, languid love scene, Boy makes all the right moves.”

aries3What else do we expect from this movie? “There’s a long “romantic” love/sex scene between the boy and his macho-dancer pickup boyfriend, and a realistic conclusion that the low-life rent-boy and his middle-class newbie were not fated to last,” states Jon Jost, a respected digital cinema pioneer filmmaker. Hence, proving that there’s more to just showing skin & sex at “BoY”. No wonder the audiences from the international screenings really find newbies Aries Pena and Aieous Asin’s acting indeed impressive.

ariesSpeaking of Aieous and as mentioned earlier, Solito will change the screen name of this Creative Writing Major from UP. From the hard-to-pronounce (and perhaps to recall) Aieous, for local purposes, he will be baptized as ADAM “AIEOUS” ASIN! That’s right folks! So by the time this movie will be ready for screening in Manila, you will hear the name Adam Asin more. And it’s not just the name. Aieous/Adam’s performance was sighted as sensitive and subtle a la Meryl Streep. He captures the subtleties of a young poet facing his sexuality and first erotic experience. See the movie and ou be the one to judge.

Solito also mentioned to me when I asked him if there’s a big chance that “BoY” will make it for this year’s Bangkok International Film Festival (BIFF). Here’s what he said,”The BIFF has requested for a screener from my US festival distributor- Wolfe Releasing.” And if that ever happens, a special screening in August 2009 is scheduled…and Man of the Rose might have a chance to scoop on this all for the benefit of my beloved readers & friends in this blog and of our YG. For the meantime, don’t waste your chance to see this movie. Here are the scheds one more time:


If you are in SF, Philly & LA areas, here’s your chance of witnessing this movie so please cum, come, cum and support this movie:

  • San Francisco:  June 27 (Sat) @ 4:15pm
  • Philadelphia: July 10 (Fri) @ 9:30pm & July 11 (Sat) @ 12:30pm
  • Los Angeles: July 17 (Fri) @ 9:30pm