Only Here: Trailer Premier of “BoY”

boy1Remember the blog entry I made a few days back about director Auraeus Solito’s new masterpiece, “BoY“? Well, direk Auraeus emailed me back yesterday from his very recent trip from Amsterdam. He is so glad and generous to share with us the link of “BoY” movie trailer which was also just recently posted by his distributor, Wolfe Releasing. So before I give you this never-seen- before TRAILER PREMIER of this much-awaited flick of Auraeus, I took the liberty of capturing the screen caps with the various reviews/comments from critics. Here are those screen caps. . .







And now, the moment you’ve been all waiting. The moving trailer. Once again, you will see this trailer in this blog FIRST and once again courtesy of director Auraeus Solito thru his distributor, Wolfe Releasing. Take a peep HERE.

Be sure to come back later for more exclusive features about “BoY”. Why? Here are two more reasons why you need to check back later . . .

ariesMore steamy pics of Aries Pena, one of the male leads in the movie, later on. And did I mention yet that more than “HOT” or an “EYE CANDY”, most audiences from the international screenings really find Aries’ acting effective and moving, according to director Aureus. Now that’s really something. And aren’t we all loving Aries yet?

asinOn the other hand, the other star Aieous Asin, will soon be “renamed” for local screen naming purposes. What will be his new name? Well, just hang-on for awhile and come back a bit later. For the meantime, enjoy those frame grabs from the actual film (the very first pic above, the one above with Aries dancing on the stage and this “standing” Aieous image) all courtesy of director Auraeus who immediately requested his cinematographer Louie Quirino to email him those frame grabs with high-resolution all for your viewing pleasure.

Comments are of course always highly appreciated. Just be gentle guys. This is Aries and Aieous’ first time…so be gentle to them ;-P


If you are in SF, Philly & LA areas, here’s your chance of witnessing this movie so please cum, come, cum and support this movie:

  • San Francisco:  June 27 (Sat) @ 4:15pm
  • Philadelphia: July 10 (Fri) @ 9:30pm & July 11 (Sat) @ 12:30pm
  • Los Angeles: July 17 (Fri) @ 9:30pm