Akihiro Sato at Handumanan Premiere Night

akiAkihiro Sato was interviewed by PEP during the premiere night of his debut movie, “Handumanan” (Remembrance) last July 22 at the CCP Little Theater. Here’s the most “intriguing” part of the interview…

PHILIPPINES OVER THAILAND. Bago nakilala si Akihiro rito sa Pilipinas, mas nauna siyang sumikat sa Thailand bilang modelo at balitang may offer din sa kanya roon na maging artista. Bakit mas pinili niya ang Pilipinas?

“Kasi mahirap ang kanilang language. Pero gusto ko rito sa Philippines. Kasi, the language Tagalog is, I think, I like more,” sagot niya, na pinipilit pa ring mag-Tagalog.


PHILIPPINES OVER THAILAND. Even before Akihiro was known here in the Philippines, he first got famous in Thailand as a model and there was a rumor that they offered him to be an actor too. But why did he choose Philippines?

“Because their (Thai) language is difficult. But I also like it here in the Philippines. Because the Tagalog language is, I think, I like more,” he replies, trying his best to still utter in Tagalog.

Ano ang attraction sa kanya to stay in the Philippines for good? (What made him attracted to stay in the Philippines for good?)

“The people…like all the people support me,” sagot ni Akihiro. “I don’t know. I just feel so good here. I just can’t explain, but I really like to stay here. Actually, I look more Filipino than being Japanese or Brazilian. That’s why I love it here. And I have my ID already, I’m a dual citizen now and I’ll stay here for good.”

Tanggap na raw ng pamilya niya ang desisyon niyang gawing tahanan ang Pilipinas. (His family had already accepted his decision to make Philippines as his home.)

“My family was here last month. They can visit me anytime and I can go there anytime. My family knows what is happening here. They know that I have work here and they are happy because they saw me very happy here.”

Cee’s comment: I’d say that truly Thai language is difficult to utter as most of their words are usually nasal. Besides, one word has several intonations with different meanings. As for Aki’s decision to stay in Philippines for good and I was surprised that he even got his dual citizenship (that quick!), I’m so happy for him. No offense meant to my Motherland but I’ve heard several farangs who want to settle down anywhere in Asia but Philippines. It kinda hurts me too but I guess most Pinoys would already know WHY.

aki2To read the full version of PEP’s interview (but only in Tagalog), here’s the link.

[NOTE: “Handumanan” (Remembrance) screens at Robinsons Galleria Movieworld Cinema 8 (Indie Sine) from August 5 to 11, 1 p.m. onwards.]