Thai Boy Band: August Band & Witwisit ‘Pitch’ Hiranyawongkul at Oishi Cosplay!


Before browsing at the REST of the latest photos of Love of Siam’s Mew and his band August, let me dedicate this post to two of Pitch‘s ever loyal Pinoy fans: Krebs and Al…the loooooooooooong wait is over! Finally, new update from your idol. Al, who sent me a NOVEL err…a PM dated 3 July which I did not receive asked me a lot of things about Pitch which unfortunately, I myself is so clueless. Al, I also changed my mind of not posting your NOVEL err again…PM, which I know you do not want at all.  So I’m just publishing a few excerpts from it instead. Here we go guys. . .

Excerpts of Al’s Letter to Cee:

“I have been scouting  from forums, blogs etc for someone who is living in Thailand & who share the same appreciation with the movie so I could ask questions to unfold the mystery sheltering Pitch to satisfy my insatiable curiousity about this sinfully fine young creature. Thailand is so lucky to have discovered a scarce specie like him I am just sooo super stoked! It is so frustrating that they’re all either in Chinese or Thai which I do not comprehend, I end up feeling helpless. I plan to have my vacation on December and stop over in Thailand just to see Pchy in one of their public appearances, do you know anyone from Thailand who can give me infos about their confirmed gigs this December? I must see him! This is not healthy anymore, I became delusional thinking about him all the time, just like having boyfriend -staying up late collecting pix of him (also Mario’s), my wrists are hurting saving hundreds of photos manually. I must do something to subside this wanting, without being exaggerated I think this is something serious.

There are these uploaded videos of him which are a bit stalker-ish, you are watching his every move but he can’t see you kind of thing. It’s a pure joy watching him, those tweety bird lips, cheekbones, the nose, those happy/sincere eyes, those perfect set of white teeth, pink gums, his facial expression, that Thai hairdo (what do you call that haircut?), that I do not think will sit well with just anybody but him. I fell in love with him as Mew that I fancy marrying him, seriously (nuts)! And I am so falling more for him as Witwisit/Pitch/Pchy.. He is so clueless that his cuteness is lethal & that’s what makes him more appealing plus a guy who’s into music automatically accelerates pogi points. Despite of his “lolo” dancing, the bitin pants & the puffed/waxed hair, I still adore him like anything! I must admit I’m on the verge of obsession with him that I want to see him right now. For sure I will be petrified or just die!

Oddly, I do not fancy him sexually, maybe because of his seemingly frail frame or maybe because I see him as a boy considering I’m a decade older than him & I am aware that most of his followers are young girls cus of his unbelievable cuteness. I have gathered hundreds of photos of him & honestly, just staring at them is orgasmic that I puff a cig right after getting dreamy clicking them one after the other & he’s not even naked, cannot get enough of him! I must admit, I am indeed obsessing about him but not detrimental, though sometimes I get delusional fancying him as Mew or Pitch. He is the epitome of cuteness! His charm is incredible, he’s got it in copious amount without him knowing it. His face is so beautiful it hurts! And when he smile, ooohh that’s it! Priceless, I’m losing my sanity!”

And now, the rest of the photos taken last 22 August during Oishi’s 10th Year Anniversary of Cosplay event held at the outdoor concert ground in between Siam Center & Siam Paragon. . .

Some of the other members of August Band—


Remember X from Love of Siam the one that Mew gave a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation??? His name is ‘Non’ Chanon Rikulsurakan. May I say that he is getting cuter & cuter, taller & taller, yummier & yummier!!! See it for yourself people. . .


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, Pitchy & August Band together—


Of course, the solo pics of Witwisit ‘Mew’ Hiranyawongkul


There we go. Hope you liked it. Guys, thank my colleague & friend Som for being the “main key” to gather these pics…she’s really of a big help to me. I will have more of them from their other latest gig (sorta) soon. And once again, just in case you see/read/chance upon this same post tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or in the near future from the other blogs, at least Man of the Rose has brought you this fresh from the pan! Chai mai kah?!