Take a good look at Dome's BELT, don't we all WANT IT???

Two days ago, Al, one of our beloved followers here and Pichy’s #1 obsessed Pinoy fan dropped me another email basically thanking me for the fresh post about Witwisit Hiranyawongkul and his band, August. But there’s more to it (as you all know). Sydney (as what he prefers to be called now) shares his VERY INTERESTING EXPERIENCE when he stopped over at Suvarnabhumi International Airport which of course, led him to ask a query about the title of this entry. Let’s read his unedited email now. . .

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Hi Cee,

That was quick! I just saw your post re:AB/Pitch. It’s like a breathe of fresh air seeing them in your page. I mean, you can not get more wholesome than that! I was blushing cus I felt a bit embarassed seeing my thoughts published in a peculiar medium, so public at that. No worries though, I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. It was nice what you did, thank you very much! I must agree that Chanon is getting really guapo fitting the mold of a matinee idol among all of them.  They seemed to be all nice kids, aren’t they? Pitch, when he dance his very stiff hips tell he’s not a sissy but his plucked brows screams otherwise. Darn! I’m pissed with myself cus I can not stop following him. lol

While I’m at it, let me make kwento about my 9hr stop-over in Thailand airport last Dec ’07. As if 7hr lay over is not enough that our flight was delayed for another 2 hrs. I planned to kill time and roam around the nearest interesting places from the Airport but we were advised that most places to see are very far and the traffic that day was really horrible, we may not be able to come back in time for our departure. What a loooooong wait it was doing nothing, it felt like forever, okay lang sna if may travel buddy ako. Pero good thing Thailand have a decent airport (more ka-aliw to walk around) unlike NAIA otherwise it’ll add up to the boredom I was feeling the whole time.  Had I known that I am breathing the same (Thailand) air as Pitchy, that’ll be enough to comfort me to while away time til we depart. Or maybe I should’ve stayed behind and searched for him hehehe.

Actually, the first part soon as we landed & settled was not boring cus I have done something really daring being a closeted gay guy. For me atleast it was bold since I have never done anything like that and I am not openly gay. I saw this one handsome German talking to the boarding people and later sat down across where I was seated. You can not miss him cus he’s a stand out with his looks & his height he’ll absolutely demand your attention. I don’t how I managed to gather some courage and was able to approach him subtly eschewing to get unwanted suspecting attention from all the pinoys who were lounging around in our waiting area. Maybe because I know that it’s one of those one-time now or never thing and the feeling of anonymity made me somehow intrepid though my heart was pounding rather than normal thinking what if he’ll flatly dismiss me if he sensed that I am gay and trying to make a move on him. Pa-simple ko siyang tinanong kung delayed din ba flight niya and he affirmed nicely. He’s soft spoken (not gayish, just really young, 21 and good-natured) so I did not get scared pressing some more questions trying to engaged him in a conversation.

Then I managed to invite him for a walk to steer away from the waiting crowd & sat on a bench somewhere. While we’re conversing, he’s face is so beautiful (blue eyes, red lips-almost bloody, nice set of teeth, perfect nose) that I was not able to control myself and I blurted out “you’re face is so beautiful that I can just stare at you forever!). Then he asked me If I’m gay, I said Yes then he said that he is not while projecting a semi-nervous smile & I told him I am not going to apologize for what I said cus it’s true. And he was blushing, so cute & funny that I made him react is such a way. So kind of him to stay & continued to chat with me even after he learned that I am gay.  I even took a close-up picture of him and he obligingly allowed me. I am not pulling your leg on how guapo he is, in fact when he was talking to  those boarding people -2 girls & a gay guy were gushing how handsome he is, then they were embarrassed when he told them that he understood what they were saying. I later learned that he’s been residing in Thailand & working as an IT in one German based co. for some 2 or 3 yrs, just broke up with her Thai gf (lucky girl!) two wks ago and he’s flying home for a Christmas vacay. I was able to sustain the conversation for about an hour & he said goodbye as they were called to queue for boarding already. He even gave me his business card which I unfortunately misplaced. How I wish I could see him again and score…lol. Such a fun memory I love to visit every now & then. If I could only find my flash disk where I saved his photo, I would’ve shared it with you.

Now my question is, what is it with the Germans crossing over to Thailand, is there any special bond between these two countries or is there an obvious answer to this (non)mystery that apparently I know nothing about cus I’m such a dumb-dumb?!  Mario Maurer, Dome then there’s this movie about a German (David Kross)who fell in love with a Thai-woman etc..

(if & when I decided to visit Thailand, wish I could give you a call so I could say my thank you, in a  different form of medium atleast lol)

PS. I just read krebs’ comments on the post, he’s so funny hahahaha natatawa talaga ako, naisip ko lang kaya ganun na lang yung motivation ko to write that novel and I gushingly expressed my fascination about the movie & Witwisit – because I was in the TLOS zone pa. Pinagod ba kita magbasa? hehe



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My dearest Al aka Sydney,

Firstly, let me thank you for sharing your story with us. Secondly, hindi ako napagod sa pagbabasa ng email mo kasi very interesting sya compared to last time (no offense meant my dear). Seriously, I admired your balls for opening up a conversation with that 21-year old cute German boy at the airport. You certainly did not waste the opportunity nor your time conversing with him although you really shocked the guy with your honest opinion. But the generous & truly comely part of it was that he was able to carry on chatting with you despite knowing now your true colors. And the real cherry on top of your icing was the giving of his name card to you which you eventually lost.

As for your your query about Thai-German relations, it could be diplomatic-wise or tourism-related. It’s true that both Mario Maurer and ‘Dome’ Pakorn Lum are both of German descent and a new flick about Thailand which stars David Kross of the “The Reader” fame is on the way. Ikanga ni Erap, “Weather-weather lang yan,” you know, pana-panahon lang yan. Before, Philippines was the most sought-after nation in the Southeast Asia and because FOR SO MANY POLITICAL & UNPRACTICAL REASONS, Philippines lost its way. I don’t want to elaborate it further as I was onced “dubbed” before by one reader as a “shameful Filipino” so let’s just keep it this way.

Now, I would really want to meet you up whenever you decide to visit Thailand but may I be frank & brutal with you as I have a very demanding condition to ask before I finally decide to hangout with you: You have to look for that lost name card of that cute German boy that you met…opportunity knocks only once, pinakawalan mo pa at winala mo pa yung only medium of connecting with him, so go look for it!

So like what one of my favorite movie characters (Miranda Priestly of “The Devil Wears Prada”) always say, “That’s all!”