Let’s Take A Break: Nichkhun Horvejkul Is Thailand’s New Face!!!

key-visual-vertical-389x585Uh-huh! Forget Mario Maurer. There’s a new prince in town with a cleaner record to promote Thailand. That’s 21-year old (but he only looks like either 16 or 17, chai mai?!) 2PM member, Nichkhun Horvejkul. Yes, he is Thai who was born & grew up in US of A. His father is Thai while his mother is a Chinese who grew up in Thailand. His name is not only popular here in Amazing Thailand but also in Korea, of course, being a member of that K-pop boy group 2PM.

And if you think that Nichkhun is only fluent in Thai, English or Korean language, well, Pinoy fans…beware! One lucky Pinoy fan who asked for  his autograph received a ‘MAHAL KITA’ signed message from him. Uh-huh! Read the story here.

Now let’s see more of this heart-racing, temperature-rising pics of Nichkhun promoting his motherland!

Nichkhun as a Muay Thai Boxer>>>



Nichkhun, the ‘hot’ Scuba Diver>>>


Nichkhun, the Thai Cool Boy (Note: Cool Boy not Callboy ;-P)>>>


Looking at these pics, it just doesn’t break my heart—it fuels more fire, a raging storm inside of me, a frustration of why can’t Philippines create some kind of a promotion like this. I hope by looking at these beautiful, artistic & truly ATTENTION-GETTING pics of Nichkhun, you would all understand my feelings on my previous entry.

So this is a wake-up call to the Department of Tourism and WOW Philippines. Let’s put all politics, personal gains & intentions aside and focus on how to put our beloved Philippines back to the map. Let’s not forget and it is a fact that we have far-off MORE BEAUTIFUL  CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE & GREEN BEACHES WITH SUGAR-GRAINED WHITE SANDS than the competitive beaches in Phuket, that we have MORE ENTICING NATURAL LAND WONDERS LIKE THE ALMOST PERFECT CONE SHAPE MAYON VOLCANO or THE LOVELY CHOCOLATE HILLS, that we have THE UNIQUE TRANSPORT CALLED JEEPNEY and many many more TREASURES awaiting for all tourists and the M.I.C.E. sector to discover.

Thinking of the “perfect” Pinoy counterpart for Nichkhun??? Let’s scrutinize ’em. . .


Filipino-American Gerald Anderson

Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) Xian Lim

Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) Xian Lim

100% Pinoy Aljur Abrenica

100% Pinoy Aljur Abrenica

There are a lot of hot & popular young Pinoy stars right now so why not use them as part of the facelift??? Or create/reinvent something that would truly make WOW Philippines’ campaign a WOW one. By the way, I’m aware of Aljur’s recent alleged acts of lasciviousness charges but what I’m trying to say here is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

Hey, better yet invest on getting Pussycat Doll’s Nicole Scherzinger or Vanessa Hudgens or Black Eyed Peas’ apl.de.ap?! Anyway, they are still ALL FILIPINOS IN BLOOD! Be proud to use their faces as they stirred HUGE NAMES WORLDWIDE!

If Nichkhun’s tagline says, “Let’s Take A Break”, I suggest the tourism officials in Philippines shouldn’t and instead WORK OVERTIME to finally WOW the world with our WOW Wonders!!!

For more pics & video of Nichkhun, click here.

Once again, just in case you see this same entry from another blog, at least you’ve SEEN, HEARD & TASTED this tender juicy news from your favorite Pinoy blogger in Thailand…MAN OF THE ROSE!!! Peace & Kisses…CEE 0:-}