Adolf Alix Jr.’s “D’Survivors”

I’ve been asking director Adolf Alix Jr. to update me on any of his current flicks until yesterday, I received an email from him with a link from Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? about his new indie film out this coming March: “D’SURVIVORS”.

The movie stars Brapanese models turned actors Daniel Kenji Matsunaga & Fabio Ide along with Filipino models turned actors Rocky Salumbides, Don Mendoza & Lem Pelayo. It’s all about male models stranded in an island anyway so there’s the reason behind casting male models in this flick.

Speaking of Caramoan Island in Camarines Sur where the film was shot, this is also the province of my father. In fact, I’m planning to visit Philippines this coming summer/April to visit our island and hopefully turn it into a hot vackay place. It seems like Bicol region is putting its map on the globe, remember the French Survivor reality show?

Will update you for any news or trailers soon. For the meantime, don’t forget to mark your calendars this coming March to watch “D’Survivors”!