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F.king Quote of the Day

                                                                 … Continue reading

Love of Banana

If that is your banana, what will you say to him??? Read the latest story about your favorite “Love of Siam” actor here.

Kinatay: Post-Bangkok Int’l Film Fest ’09 Feature & Interview With Brillante Mendoza

September 26, 2009, ’twas a gathering like no other. Aside from Madonna (which apparently was the name of Maria Isabel Lopez’ character in the movie)  look-a-like/dress-a-like cross promotional event held at the outdoor… Continue reading

Mario Maurer Willing To Kneel Down In Front of Gay Ex- Manager!

(This was an article published last week from The Bangkok Post. Any texts italized here are Cee’s side comments, please do note.) It was a tempting offer at the time. Actor/model Mario Maurer… Continue reading

More BoY For You

As promised, here are two more frame grabs of Aries Pena (the one above and the other one below) taken from the actual film of Auraeus Solito’s, “BoY” who will have a screening… Continue reading

2 New Filipino Idols, Manny Pacquiao & Brillante Mendoza: Who Gets The Shorter Straw?

Last week was a hectic one for me for I accompanied my aunt who visited from Philippines prior to the past two earlier hectic weeks that I had which I will blog soon.… Continue reading