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Mario Maurer’s 1st Soap Opera With Kim Ki Bum, Lee Hae Woo, Kim Kyoung Jae & Joo Jong Hyuk

So it’s finally happening! Mario Maurer will appear on his first soap opera starring role ever also produced by his manager, A Supachai called, “Taai Fah Tawan Diew” or “Autumn Destiny”. If you… Continue reading

Wanted: Agent Zero Daniel Henney

Honestly, I’m not really into K-pop nor fascinated with Korean stars. There are only three Korean celebs that I know (and I admire) before I recently found out Jo In-sung from “A Frozen… Continue reading

A Frozen Flower: Brokeback Mountain of Korea

When Tatum invited me to watch this movie last 25 April, I was hesitant at first. Didn’t know much about Korean stars nor any info about this movie at that time. Anyway, it’s… Continue reading