Wanted: Agent Zero Daniel Henney

danielhenneyHonestly, I’m not really into K-pop nor fascinated with Korean stars. There are only three Korean celebs that I know (and I admire) before I recently found out Jo In-sung from “A Frozen Flower” movie: Won Bin, Daniel Henney, Rain…in that order.


So here I am featuring my second Korean star, Daniel Phillip Henney or better known as Daniel Henney. The 29-year old actor was popularly known for his Korean soaps, “My Lovely Sam Soon” and “Spring Waltz”, the latter which I watched & where I’ve learnt about Daniel when it premiered in Philippines last 2007 during my vackay there.

danielhenney3As a model, Daniel became a hot endorser of various products one of which is Bean Pole International, an affiliate company of Samsung, where he modeled along with Gwyneth Paltrow.

danielhenney38Last Monday, I went to see “Xmen Origins” with Som. After knowing Daniel would play the Agent Zero role, I told Som that we must see it. And wow! He looks a bit matured but gosh…my underwear fell soon as I saw him on the first scene of the movie in a helicopter with the rest of gorgeous actors like Ryan Reynolds (at least my idol Alanis Morissette had Ryan before).

danielhennyagentzeroSo my Korean fascination will continue now? I dunno. But I’m enjoying it at the moment. Late bloomer me. Watch Daniel and Hugh Jackman in Korea here. Enjoy!